04. November 2007  
Zurich / Switzerland  
Artistic Gymnastics

SWISS CUP 2007: Romanian couple succeeds in the hall stadium in Zurich

In front of a fantastic background in the hall stadium in Zurich, an exciting turn competition took place in this year's "SWISS CUP".  After clearly leading the semi-final, the Romanian couple Steliana NISTOR and Flavius KOCZI won clearly, leaving the experienced German couple Oksana TSCHUSSOWITINA / Eugen SPIRIDONOV behind. The Russian duo Swetlana KLJUKINA / Sergei CHOROCHORDIN ranked third, in front of the Brasilian siblings Diego HYPOLITO, World Champion in floor and his sister Daniele. The couple from the host country 
Ariella KAESLIN / Niki BÖSCHENSTEIN had curtly missed the final of the best four....

Steliana Nistor

Her sportive partner Flavius Koczi was European Champion on pommel horse in 2006 and performed first on his special apparatus, got 15.100 points with a basic score of 15.9.  The Romanian is  also known as brilliant gymnast on horse vault, althoug standing in the shadow of the Olympic Champion and multi World Champion Marian Dragulescu till today. In the final, Koczi achieved a score of 16.200 in vault.

This worldclass couple left the German duo Tschussowitina/Spiridonow on the second rank in the last apparatus round, with a distance of 1.75 points.

Kaeslin, Böschenstein: ... third last year, this time, 0.15 pointsl were missing for the podium!

The second Swiss couple Lucia Tacchelli / Claudio Capelli dropped out during the pre-turn already, after two apparatuses. Nevertheless, the public was as big as never before in the last 30 years and was zealous about this attractive Swiss gymnastics event. The spectators contributed to an atmosphere like during an icehockey match...!

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