03. June 2003  
Artistic Gymnastics

St. A. Kolakowskich Memorial

Olympic medallist Leszek Blanik has won the first men’s all-around at the “St.A.Kolakowskich Memorial“ which took place on May 30th/ June 1st.
On ranks 2 and 3 followed the two Russian competitors from St. Petersburg Anton Lobanov and Nikolai Goukov.
Their young club mate Alexandra Vanina (yr. 89) narrowly won the women’s all-around, which had already been held as international tournament in previous years.

Joanna Skowronska (POL)

Russia’s Inna Vinogradova managed to stick a double layout followed by a piked full-in during warm-up on floor. During the competition, however, she then changed the double layout to “only” a double piked.
The gymnasts of the Polish national team used the opportunity to compete in a full all-around at this point of time 10 weeks before the World Championships. Therefore Leszek Blanik, Joanna Skowronska and their team mates risked a lot and also tested new skills during this competition.

Roman Kashkuli (KAZ
- bester Junior