09. December 2007  
Tenero / Switzerland  
Artistic Gymnastics

Top British Youth in Switzerland

A very strong British U16 selection of artistic gymnastics won the traditional meet in Sitzerland with 410.650 points with a clearly difference to the Swiss hosts, scoring 392,050 points. Team Germany came on third (391,650) and team France on fourth place (389,650).
Best in all-around were four British gymnasts: The 15-years old
Pearson REECE with 83,850, followed by Sam OLDHAM (14 years; 83,300), Beckford REISS (82.800) and  by Max WHITLOCK (81,800).
Best of Switzerland was Siro Bortolin on ninth place. The Britisch team won four of the six apparatus - only floor and vault were won bei the French gymnasts.
U 16 - MEET, Artistic Gymnastics
- Tenero, Switzerland, December 8 -
* T E A M  R E S U L RT S
3. GERMANY 391,65
4. FRANCE389,65.

* Individual:
1. REECE, Pearson (GBR) 83,85 (Nottingham, Coach Barry Winch)
2. OLDHAM, Sam  (GBR) 83,30. (Huntington)
3. RIESS, Beckford (GBR) 82,80 (South Essex, Scott Hann)
4. WHITLOCK, Max  (GBR) 81,809 (South Essex, Scott Hann)

5. Ivan Bykov (GER) 80,15.
6. Mauricio Lima (FRA) 80,00.

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