23. May 2003  
Brno/ Czech Republic  
Artistic Gymnastics

Triple Meet of European Talents

Czech Republic - Poland - Germany:
Today the German national team of juniors won a triple meet in the Czech city Brno with a score of 201,35 points. On second place came the guests from Poland (188,45) and on third the host Czech Republik (177,20).

Best gymnast in all round was the German Philipp Boy from the German Vice Champion SC Cottbus with a score of 51,30 points.
Kamil Hulboj from Poland came on third place (50,50) and the German Brian Gladow was third with 49,70 points...

Steve Woitalla, Sc Cottbus

1. Philipp Boy (GER) 51,30
2. Kamil Hulboj (POL) 50,50
3. Brian Gladow (GER) 49,70
4. Lukas Racim (CZE) 49,70
5. Marko Simon (GER) 47,65
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