19. September 2005  
Yokohama / Japan  
Artistic Gymnastics

USA and China dominated Juniors Internationals in Yokohama


Alltogether 33 participants from 10 different countries took part at the important 'International Junior Gymnastics Competition' in Yokohama (JPN) Japan.

Winner of the all-around competition of male juniors was the national Chinese AA-champion Liang, Mingsheng.
He bet the Japanese Tatsuki Nakashima from the Japanese host and the Ukrainian Andrei Issaev.

Women's individuel champion is Natasha Kelley (USA), 2nd placed is her teammate Binaca Flohr, followed by 3rd place Sandra Izbasa from Romania.....
All of Andriy ISAYEV's exercises are stabile and dynamic. He was the best gymnast from Europe, followed by the German gymnast from Cottbus, Philipp BOY, ranked on fifth place.

* Men's Indivisual results
1. Mingshen Liang (CHN) 53,400
2. Tatsuki Nakashima (JPN) 52,925
3. Andrei Isayev (UKR) 52,550

4. Kyouichi Watanabe (JPN) 52,300
5. Philipp Boy (GER) 52,100
6. Seung Tai Lee (USA) 51,700
7. Thomas Taranu (GER) 51,300
8. Jin Sung Choi (KOR) 50,325
9. Kyson Bunthuwong (USA) 49,975
10. Hamilton Sabot (FRA) 49,950

>> Detailed AA-Results

* Floor Exercises
1.Tatsuki NAKASHIMA (JPN):9.075
2.Andriy ISAYAV (UKR):8.825
3.Kyouichi WATANABE (JPN):8.800

* Pommel Horse
1.Andriy ISAYAV) UKR):9.100
2.Philipp BOY (GER):8.850
3.Alex Andei URSACHE (ROM):8.650

* Still Rings
1.Andriy ISAYAV (UKR):9.300
2.Seung Tai LEE (USA):9.275
3.Mingshen LIANG (CHN):9.200
* Vault
1.Jin Sung CHOI (KOR):9.375
2.Tatsuki NAKASHIMA (JPN):9.325
3.Mingshen LIANG (CHN):9.300

* Parallel Bars
1.Mingshen LIANG (CHN):9.600
2.Tatsuki NAKASHIMA (JPN):9.500
3.Kyouichi WATANABE (JPN):8.800

* High Bar
1.Kyouichi WATANABE (JPN):9.500
2.Tatsuki NAKASHIMA (JPN):9.200
3.Hamilton SABOT (FRA):9.100
>> Detailed Final Results
* Women's Indivisual Results

1. Natasha Kelley (USA) 37,250
2. Bianca Flohr (USA) 37,150
3. Sandra Raluca Izbasa (ROM) 36,450

4. Yuhong Hu (CHN) 36,300
5. Chloe Sims (AUS) 35,850
6. Momoko Ozawa (JPN) 35,400
7. Marie Hindermann (GER) 35,075
8. Daria Joura (AUS) 34,900
9. Anja Brinker (GER) 34.500
10. Yu Minobe (JPN) 34,325
>> Detailed AA-Results

* Vault
1.Sandra Raluca IZBAS (ROM):9.300
2.Natasha KELLEY (USA):9.275
3.Bianca FLOHR (USA):9.175

* Uneven Bars
1.Bianca FLOHR (USA):9.475
2.Natasha KELLEY (USA):9.350
3.Yuhong HU (CHN):9.175

* Balance Beam
1.Natasha KELLEY (USA):9.550
2.Bianca FLOHR (USA):9.450
3.Chloe SIMS (AUS):9.225

* Floor Exercises
1.Sandra Raluca IZBAS (ROM):9.550
2.Natasha KELLEY (USA):9.475
3.Bianca FLOHR (USA):9.400
>> DetailedFinal Results