22. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

In 2003 the German Gymnastics League 'DEUTSCHE TURNLGA' will test a very new system of points. This system is a proposal of the president of the German team master EnBW KTV Stuttgart, Dr. Karsten Ewald'.
The new point system named 'SCORE SYSTEM' and it is an attempt, to make the gymnastics events between teams more efficient for media, the spectators in the competion halls and for sponsors....
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21. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

INTERNATIONAL GYMNAST announced, that three former Romanian team members who posed nude have all received professional suspensions from the Romanian Gymnastics Federation.The Federation issued the sanctions after Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presecan, and Corina Ungureanu posed nude in a Japanese magazine and DVD....
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16. December 2002
Dallas / USA
Artistic Gymnastics

The '7thValery Ljukin Invitational' was won by Jason Gatson (USA/55,35) last weekend at the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Plano, near Dallas (Texas).
On second place came Yernar Yerimbetov from Kazachstan (54,125), third was Denis Zbitskiys (LAT/54,050), also winner on pommel horse. The Austrian Thomas Zimmerman came on second place on this apparatus.
The competition is named in honor of legendary World and Olympic champion Valery Ljukin, who was the first gymnast with a triple sault on floor...

14. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

Winner of the friendly meet between the U16 teams of four European nations was the team of the vice European champion Switzerland (250,65). Host Germany came on second place (246,70), the French team scored on third (243,95) and the team of Great Britain came on fourth (239,6).
Best in all-around were Dennis Mannhardt (51,05) and Roland Haeuptli (50,90) from Switzerland. Third was Yann Rayepin (FRA/50,45). The best British gymnast Adam Cox came on fourth place (49,80).
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14. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

At last the European talents of artistic gymnastics met in Vienna at the UWW CUP and in September at the INTERNATIONAL GWG CUP in Cottbus.
Some of them will meet again coming Saturday to a friendly meet in Potsdam, near Berlin:
The teams (U 16) of France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany .
It is a competition more between this four countries in a long tradition, to come together every year.
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