26. May 2003
Brno/ Czech Republic
Artistic Gymnastics

The Czech pair Jana Komrskova and her partner in sports Martin Konecny was the winner of the SOKOL Grand Prix 2003 in the city of Brno (Czech Republic) last weekend.
With a sore of 18,612 points they won the final, afterwards the German Ren? Piephardt and his partner Silvia Stroescu from Romania - leading after the qualification round - made a mistake (pommelhorse) and came on third place at the end of the final (17,150).
The Hungarian pair...

25. May 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The national all-around champion of Luxembourg, Sascha Palgen was the winner of the 'FLGym Open 2003', which was held this weekend in Luxembourg. Palgen scored 52.80 points. On second place came the Dutch
Geoffrey Wammes (52,55) and on third place Denny Mannhardt (50.50) from Switzerland.
Winner of the team competition were the boys from Flanders/Belgium, on second place scord the Swiss team and the host Luxembourg came on third.
4. Team Cottbus/GER; 5. Aargau/SUI; 6. Belgium II

25. May 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The International Gymnastics Federation F.I.G. published the drawing of lots for the coming World Championships in Anaheim/USA coming August. This champs are also the qualification for the best 12 teams for the Olympic Games Athens 2004.
>>> >Drawing of Lots: Men
>>> > Drawing of Lots: Women

24. May 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Beginning on 15th May 2003, Christian Moreau of France has become the Official Supplier and Sponso of the German Gymnastics Federation DTB.
The contract has a four year duration, allowing enough time for both partners to make plans for the future....

23. May 2003
Brno/ Czech Republic
Artistic Gymnastics

Czech Republic - Poland - Germany:
Today the German national team of juniors won a triple meet in the Czech city Brno with a score of 201,35 points. On second place came the guests from Poland (188,45) and on third the host Czech Republik (177,20).

Best gymnast in all round was the German Philipp Boy from the German Vice Champion SC Cottbus with a score of 51,30 points.
Kamil Hulboj from Poland came on third place...