19. October 2016  
Tokyo, JPN  
Artistic Gymnastics

Morinari Watanabe from Japan is the New FIG-President

The 57 years old currently Secretary of the Japanese Gymnastics Asscciation, Morinari WATANABE, is the new and 9th President of the International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.), elected at the F.I.G. congress in Tokyo. He will take up this position 2017, January 1 and is the successor of the long-term president Bruno GRANDI (82) after 20 years presidency. Watanabe achieved a clear superiority with 100 of the votes cast. The counter-candidate, the President of the European Gymnastics Union, George Guelzec (FRA) could only receive 19 votes.
Morinari Watanabe becomes the first Asian to head FIG and is the first Japanese president of an Olympic international federation since Ichiro Ogimura headed the International Table Tennis Federation from 1987-1994.

! In the run-up to the congress Watanabe had announced his positions with which he wanted to change the world's gymnastics:
   ►► Watanabe: "Concept is 'FAMILY'"!