03. November 2018  
Doha, QAT  
Artistic Gymnastics

48th WORLDS of MEN's Artistic Gymnastics 2018

China with 12th Team Gold in History

♦ The Men's team final of the top eight nations, with the favorite teams from Russia, China Japan and the USA in the fight for the medals, also with Great Britain, Brasil and the Netherlands Switzerland - but without Germany, which had reached rank 10 only in the preliminary fight.
* All-around Final: Russia's Artur DALALOYAN is the new all-around world champion, with the same final score as his strongest competito rbut he offered the better technical execution with less difficulty and thus defeated Chinese defending champion XIAO Ruoteng, who had taken the lead after three subdivisions and until the very end Winner looked.

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MEN's APPARATUS FINALS (Friday, Nov 02  / Saturday Nov 03)
   P a r t  I (FX / PH / SR) : - FRIDAY

   F L O O R  E X E R C I S E S
      > Qualification ResultS;   > S t a r t  l i s t
  1. DALALOYAN, Artur (RUS) - (6.2) = 14,900
  2. SHIRAI, Kenzo        (JPN) - (6.8) =14,866
  3. YULOS, C. Edriel   (PHI) - (6.2) = 14,600
 4. MOLDAUER, Yul        (USA) - (5.8) = 15,566
 5. DOLGOPYAT, Artem   (ISR)
- (6.4) = 14,566
 6. NAGORNY, Nikita      (RUS)
- (6.4) = 14,500
 7. MIKULAK, Samuel   (USA)
- (5.7) = 14,233
 8. KAYA, Kazuma          (JPN)
- (5.8) = 14,100
 9. ONDER, Ahmet         (TUR)
- (6.0) = 13,833
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- his second Gold, already!


  S T I L L  R I N G S
 > Qualification Results;   > S t a r t   l i s t
  1. PETROUNIAS, Elefth. (GRE)
- (6.3) = 15,366

  2. ZANETTI, Arthur  (BRA)
- (6.2) = 15,100

  3. LODADIO, Marco  (ITA)
- (6.3) = 14,900

4. TOMASYAN, Artur             (ARM) - (6.1) = 14,766
5. NAGORNY, Nikita               (RUS) - (6.0) = 14,733
6. DAVTYAN, Vahagn             (ARM) - (6.1) = 14,733
7. SIMONOV, Nikita                 (AZE) - (6.0) = 14,266
8. RADIVILOV, Igor                 (UKR) - (6.3) = 14,133
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Eleftherios PETROUNIAS
- the fourtg Gold in a row!

* FIG Vidio Summary - Final Day I :


   P A R A L L E L  B A R S
 > Qualification results;   > S t a r t  l i s t
  1. ZOU, Jingyuan       (CHN) - (7.0) = 16,433
  2. VERNIAIEV, Oleg     (UKR) - (6.7) = 15,591
  3. DALALOYAN, Artur  (RUS) - (6.4) = 15,366
 4. MIKULAK, Samuel   (USA) - (6.4) = 15,233
 5. LIN, Chaopan          (CHN) - (6.4) = 15,200
 6. CALVO MORENO, J. (COL) - (6.5) = 15,033
 7. BELYAVSKY, David   (RUS)
- (6.4) = 14,633
 8. DAUSER, Lukas        (GER)
- (6.0) = 13,700

        Detailed Results
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ZOU, Jingyuan (CHN)
- celebrated a high-tech
"exercise of the Century" !


* Wednesday, October 31

     > Qualification results 1-24;  > Start list

 ♦ R E S U L T S:
  1. DALALOYAN, Artur (RUS)  - 87,598
  2. XIAO, Ruoteng        (CHN) - 87,598
  3. NAGORNY, Nikita     (RUS)  - 86,311
       4. SUN, Wei                 (CHN)  - 85,898
       5. MIKULAK, Samuel   (USA)  - 85,273
       6. KAYA, Kazuma         (JPN)  - 84,765

     16. HEGI, Oliver               (SUI)  - 80,481
     20. NGUYEN, Marcel     (GER)  - 79,132
      21. BRÄGGER, Pablo    (SUI)  - 79,032
      24. DAUSER, Lukas     (GER)  - 76,730
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The Men's All-around Final Competition
*f i g - report--:  In a tie-break, Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) edged defending world champion XIAO Ruoteng (CHN) for the All-around title at the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Doha (QAT), ending a 19-year gold medal drought for the Russian men in the All-around at the world championships. His teammate Nikita NAGORNY claimed bronze for Russia. Dalaloyan's victory also snapped a 13-year winning streak by Asia in the men's All-around event, as Chinese and Japanese gymnasts won every world and Olympic All-around title for men from 2005 to 2017.

 XIAO Ruoteng (CHN), Artur DALALOYAN (RUS), Nikita NAGORNY (RUS)

Day off pays off for Dalaloyan
Dalaloyan skipped training Tuesday after Monday's team final in Doha, where he fell off Parallel Bars and his team lost the gold to China by .049. On Wednesday, Dalaloyan sat in second after his 14.800 on Floor Exercise in the first rotation, but fell down the standings with just a 13.400 on Pommel Horse. He climbed his way back up thanks to a superb piked handspring double front vault (Blanik) for 15.133 and a nailed routine on Parallel Bars (15.566). He finished with a clean routine on Horizontal Bar that proved enough to take victory with 87.598.

* A FIG Video Summary looks back
   at the on the exciting fight of the young Russian Artur DALALOYAN:

* Youtube (00189)
"I had only one goal, and that was to perform my job from beginning to end without mistakes," Dalaloyan said of his approach. "I'm just so happy. I can't believe it yet. I need to probably go to my hotel, take a deep breath and realise that yes, I won this championship."
Dalaloyan is the second world All-around champion for the Russian men and first since Nikolai Kryukov won in 1999 in Tianjin (CHN).

Xiao settles for second
Xiao Ruoteng, the defending champion from the 2017 Worlds in Montreal (CAN) and the top qualifier in Doha, turned in the most consistent performance of the medallists, with scores ranging from 14.133 on Floor Exercise to 15.333 on Parallel Bars. After falling on Horizontal Bar in the team final, Xiao hit his set but was unable to stick his dismount. His score of 14.233 tied him with Dalaloyan, but the tie-break procedure - in which only the top five scores are counted - left him in second, 74.198 to 73.465. "I feel pity about that," Xiao said, "but I respect the judges and my rival. I basically want to be number one but anyway I am still happy with the result."

Nagornyy holds on for bronze
Second to Xiao in qualification, Nagornyy turned in big scores on Floor Exercise (where he tumbled the final's only triple back), Still Rings and Vault. He fought through his exercise on Pommel Horse but stayed on and struggled to land cleanly on his Parallel Bars dismount, and made it through his final routine on Horizontal Bar without major errors for 13.900 and a total of 86.331. Though happy to win the bronze, Nagornyy said he empathised with American Sam Mikulak, whose mistake on Horizontal Bar in the final rotation allowed Nagornyy to medal instead. Nagornyy thought hard when asked to whom he dedicated his medal, looking down at the bronze for some time before deciding. "If I had won the gold, I would have dedicated it to my whole team," he said. "Instead, I dedicate it to my first coach, Olga Ivanovna Nechepurenko."
The medals for Dalaloyan and Nagornyy are the first for the Russian men in the All-around since the late Yuri Ryazanov won bronze in 2009 in London (GBR).
Finals wrap-up
Sam Mikulak, third in qualification, had an excellent meet until stumbling in the sixth event. A slip of the grip on Horizontal Bar dropped him from third to fifth, behind fourth-place Sun Wei (CHN). Kazuma Kaya (JPN) finished sixth ahead of defending bronze medallist Kenzo Shirai (JPN), who earned the top scores of the day on Floor Exercise (14.900) and Vault (15.166).
James Hall (GBR) finished eighth. Ninth-place Artur Davtyan (ARM), who had originally been the first reserve athlete, and Marios Georgiou (CYP), 10th, turned in record results for their respective nations.
Competition continues Thursday afternoon in Doha with the women's All-around final.

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* Thursday & Friday, October  25/26

World, Olympic champion Japanese in third
Olympic champion Japan, the defending world champion from the 2015 Worlds in Glasgow (GBR), struggled in spots in the early morning session on Friday, with four missed routines on Pommel Horse, and finished third behind China with a team total of 253.312.
Two-time Olympic All-around champion Kohei Uchimura, who won six consecutive world All-around titles between 2009 and 2015, competed three events only after spraining his ankle last month. He earned the top score on Horizontal Bar, where he showed three huge release moves (piked Kovacs, Cassina, and Kolman).
Olympic teammate Shirai, the reigning world champion on Floor Exercise and Vault, qualified to the finals on his two best events.
The United States, Great Britain, Brazil, Netherlands, and Switzerland also advanced to the team final, taking place 29 October. It is the first world team final for the Dutch men's team, but German team fall down on 10th place ...
* Final TEAM Results Qualifying (- top 8 are qualified !):
1. RUS - 258,402;   2. CHN - 257,836;  3. JPN - 252,312;
4. USA - 250,362;   5. GBR - 249,836  
6. BRA - 246,961;
7. NED - 245,663;   8. SUI - 245,186;
9. UKR - 243,651; 10. GER - 241,935; 11. ESP - 241,261;  12. FRA- 241,203;
Detailed TEAM-Results
* In MEN's  INDIVIDUAL ALL-AROUND a top trio with stron results, lead by the Chines titleholder XIAO Ruoteng with 87,332, followed by Nikita NAGORNY (RUS; 87,098) and Sam MIKULAK (USA;86,598). On fourth place the second Russian Artur DALALOYAN (84,572), the second Chines, SUN Wei (84,007) and the first Japanese Kenzo SHIRAI (83,864), because the 6-time champion Kohei Uchimura did not complete a full all-around.
The team's best performance was on Parallel Bars, where they amassed a massive 46.066 event total. Zou Jingyuan, the defending world champion on the event, posted a spectacular 15.800, the highest score yet at these world championships.
Detailed AA-Results
    * Qualifying, Apparatus:                 

FIG Video SUMMARY - Qualication Day 2

* Youtube (00121)

* FIG Video  S U M M A R Y  - Qualication Day 1

* Youtube (00173)