03. August 2021  
Tokyo, JPN  
Artistic Gymnastics


The 19-year-old Japanese Daiki HASHIMOTO took over the throne of the Olympic gymnastics "King Kohei" in the all-around competition from Kohei UCHIMURA. With a score of  88.531 points he won gold ahead of the Chinese former world champion from 2017, XIAO, Ruteng (88.065) and ahead of the current world champion Nikita NAGORNYY (ROC; 88.031)!
* The gold medals at the apparatus finals went to athletes from four different ccountries ...! DOLGOPYAT (ISR), WHITLOCK (GBR), LIU, Yang (CHN) and SHIN (KOR) and at last to China again with ZOU, Jingyuan on parallel bars and Japan to Daiki HASHIMOTO on high bar!
* The first decision was made in the Team Final after a breathtaking medal battle between the three leading nations, which in the end was won by the current world champion RUSSIA (as the "ROC" team) with gold after 25 years and a touch of +0.103 points could. JAPAN's men secured the silver medal with a young generation of performers that was virtually equal behind them. With only -0.5 points back, the vice world champion CHINA had to be content with bronze, in a team final of unprecedented outstanding quality!

From Saturday, July 24th to August 3rd, altogether 98 gymnasts are fighting for Olympic medals at the Games of the 32nd Olympiad. Four athletes of them are each in the 12 qualified teams and another 50 have also qualified as individual starters. On the first day of the competition, the men started in three qualifying subdivisions (groups) at the Ariake Gymnastics Center in Tokyo. The last one is about the hoped-for entry into the final of the best eight teams for the US-Team, about two qualifiers for the 24'er all-around final and one or the other position of the best 8 specialists in one of the equipment finals.

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* 1st FINAL DAY --: Historic golds from Artem Dolgopyat (ISR), Rebeca Andrade (BRA), and Nina Derwael (BEL), plus a successful title defense from Max Whitlock (GBR) crowned an evening of firsts as three nations joined the select club of Olympic titleholders in Artistic Gymnastics Sunday at Tokyo 2020.

  F L O O R  E X E R C I S E S: > Qualification;
  DOLGOPYAT, Artem  (ISR)  - 14,933=
 ZAPATA, Rayderly   (ESP)  - 14,933=
  XIAO, Ruoteng          CHN)  - 14,766
      4. RYU, Sunghyun      (KOR)  -14,233
      5. KARIM, Milad         (KAZ)  -  14,133
      6. MOLDAUER, Yul     (USA)  - 13,533
      7. NAGORNYY, Nikita  (ROC)  - 13,066
      8. KIM, Nansol            (KOR)  - 13,066

         Detailed Results

* DOLGOPYAT - won the first Gold for Israel with the higher difficult score (6.6)!
* ZAPATA - Spainisch Olympic silver again after Gervasio Deferr (Pking 2008);
* XIAO - Chinese Olympic silver medalist in Rio - now bronze in Tokyo 5 years later;

  POMMEL HORSE   > Qualification;

 WHITLOCK, Max           (GBR)  - 15,583
  LEE, Chih Kai              (TPE)  - 15,400
   KAYA, Kazuma            (JPN)  - 14,900
     4. BELYAVCKIY, David    (ROC)  - 14,833
     5. KAMEYAMA, Kohei      (JPN)  - 14,600
     6. JODER, Alec               (USA)  - 14,566
     7. McCLENAGHAN, Rhys  (IRL)  - 13,100
     8.SUN, Wei                    (CHN)  - 13,066

        Detailed Results

* WHITLOCK - after Miroslav Cerar (1968 + `72 and Zoltan Magyar (1976 +` 80) the third pommel horse Olympic champion who repeats his Olympic success !!

LEE - does his exercise completely from start to finish in Thomas flanks mode - highest E-grade, but - 0.3 in the difficulty index!
* KAYA - the third placed in the Worlds in 2015 is narrowly defeated due to a significantly poorer E-grade;
* McCLENAGHAN - Ireland's top favorite misses his gold chance by falling after a Russian turn ...!

P A R A L L E L   B A R S   > Qualification 

    ZOU,  Jingyuan      (CHN) - 16,233
   DAUSER, Lukas      (GER)  - 15,700
   ARICAN, Ferhat      (TUR)  - 15,633
         4. YOU, Hao                     (CHN)  - 15,466
         5. BELYAVSKY, David    (ROC)  - 15,200
         6. MIKULAK, Samuel     (USA)  - 15,000
         7. PAKHNIUK, Petro      (UKR)  - 14,533
         8. FRASER,  Joe              (GBR)  - 14,500

             Detailed Results

* ZOU - "Mr. Perfect" with a dream exercise of the highest textbook quality ...! All of his air numbers moved for the competitors at unreasonable heights in a technically perfect execution - and rightly the highest E-note by far of 9,333! The best quality parallel bars final in Olympic gymnastics history ...!
* DAUSER - ... and the German bars virtuoso actively and decisively wrote this quality story! From "Tsolakidis" to "Makuz & Healy" to "Diomidov" and a secure footing - silver for the practice of his life - as most recently Marcel Nguyen in London in 2012 !! (Congratulations also to his last coach from Halle, Hubert Brylok, for the final Olympic finishing touches ... !!) * ARICAN - ... with start number one he came up with with the reference of the most difficult exercise (7.0 in the preliminaries) and delivers 6.9 now in the final. from: and again Turkish athletes are good for historical moments: He won with bronze the first Olympic gymnastics medal for his country !!

H I G H  B A R    > Qualification
   HASHIMOTO, Daiki  (JPN)  - 15,066
  SRBIC, Tin              (CRO)  - 14,900
  NAGORNYY, Nikita  (ROC)  - 14,533
      4. MALONY, Brody           (USA)  - 14,200
      5. BULL, Tyson                 (AUS)  - 12,466
KITAZONO, Takeru     (JPN)  - 12,333
      7. DEURLOO, Bart           (NED)  - 12,266
      8. KARIMI, Milad               (KAZ)  - 11,266

             Detailed Results

* HASHIMOTO - even with an increase to his best performance in the preliminaries, the all-around winner repeats his exercise in a stoically confident and cool manner, with the same difficulty as former world champions Tin Srbic and Brody Malone, but with the best technical presentation and the highest E-grade (8,566). No replacement for compatriot Kohei UCHIMURA, whom he not only replaces, but as his successor has the best, now doubly golden prospects ...!
* SRBIC - the Crotian former horizontal bar world champion from 2017 at eye level, was only a touch that only the judges saw worse - his 3-time Tkachev counter-flight series was impressive (!). - NAGORNYY ​​- was the first ever to stand in a big international high bar finals, was half a point behind the two best in terms of difficulty, but with his technical brilliance and the second highest E-grade he actually "won" the bronze medal. ... Malone couldn't get anywhere with E-7.00 despite D = 6.5. A significant argument for the fact that first-rate, technically clean gymnastics must be worthwhile!
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* CONCLUSION -: ... but overall: A few of the figures that define the high bar history, such as Fabian Hambüchen, Epke Zonderland, Kohei Uchmura and others, were painfully missing! Qualitatively, this Tokyo high bar final could not be compared with the parallel bars before - with five crashes of  four athletes it was also one of the weakest in the last decade of the Olympic Games !!