28. October 2019  
Ljubljana, SLO  
Artistic Gymnastics

Miroslav Cerar - the 'King of Pommel horse' celebrates 80th Birthday

MIROSLAV CERAR was recognized the world over for his mastery of the pommel horse.
Born in 1939, October 28 in Ljubljana, the capital of present-day Slovenia, Miroslav Cerar was destined to discover gymnastics and dominate Yugoslavian men's gymnastics for an astonishing 14 years. Miroslav Cerar competed in three Olympiads - in 1960, 1964 and 1968. Known as the king of the pommel horse event for more than a decade, four of his six world championship medals, and both Olympic gold medals, in 1964 and 1968, came on that apparatus.
He won his first world championship medal, a bronze, on the pommel horse, as the 1958 World Championships in Moscow.
His final gold medal, again on the pommel horse, came at the 1970 World Championships in his hometown of Ljubljana. During the course of his international career, he won 21 European medals, including 10 golds, to go with his six World and two Olympic gold medals.

Miroslav Cerar (left) and GYMmedia chief Eckhard Herholz in Berlin at an Olympic Youth Day (2010)

In 1999 Miroslav Cerar was inducted into the "International Gymnastics Hall of Fame" as the second Slovenian, the "little" big gymnast of the last century, Leon Stukelj (1997).

* Miroslav Cerar and Mitja Petkovsek at the monument of the "little big" gymnast of the 20th century,
  the Slovenian hero Leon STUKELJ (1898 - 1999)

Miroslav Cerar was married to Zdenka Cerar (1941-2013), who was the first female State Prosecutor General of the Republic of Slovenia (1999-2004), Minister of Justice (2004) and Vice-President of the LDS. In her youth she was twice Youth Champion in gymnastics in Yugoslavia and a member of the Yugoslav team. After she ended her active career, she became a coach and referee. He was a student of law and a lawyer for many years.
Their son Miroslav "Miro" Cerar is a Slovenian lawyer and politician. From 2014 to 2018 he was Prime Minister of Slovenia. Since September 2018 he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia in the Šarec Cabinet.
(C) gymmedia / E. Herholz