10. January 2023  
Budapest, HUN  
Artistic Gymnastics

Oldest Olympic Champion in the world celebrated 102nd Birthday

Yesterday (2023, January 09) Hungary's 5-time Olympic gymnastics champion, Agnes KELETI, celebrated her 102nd birthday  and remains the oldest Olympic champion in the world. However, this fact does not mean much to her. "You have to love life and always look on the bright side," she said in a press interview, that was her general attitude to life! Without it, Keleti would probably not have come this far in life. High-ranking representatives of Hungarian sport and the National Olympic Committee personally congratulated the national "Sports woman of the nation" on this extraordinary day of honour.
Hungary's 2012 Olympic pommel horse champion Krisztián Berki and Gymnastics Secretary General Sándor Altorjai also sent special gymnastics greetings to the Grand Dame of world sport on her day of honour ...

Congratulations by Hungary's State Secretary for Sport, Ádám Schmidt (right) and the Chief of the National Olympic Committee Zsolt Gyolay.