02. January 2020  
Bend, Oregon  
Artistic Gymnastics

Olympic Champion Andreas Wecker celebrates his 50th Birthday!

For over a decade, the first German Olympic gymnastics champion in reunited Germany, Andreas WECKER - who is celebrating his 50th birthday today - has been in a completely different life. At his third Olympic Games in 1996, he won Olympic gold in Atlanta after he had caused a sensation at the top of the world for almost a decade:
At the age of 18, he won Olympic team silver with the last GDR team 1988 in Seoul and fell an Olympic bronze medal on the horizontal bar, At the World Championships of artistic gymnastics in Stuttgart in 1989, after obvious manipulation of the still rings, he lost to his German opponent and later friend Andreas Aguilar and became vice world champion on the rings. However, at home in the "GDR" that was just disappearing, he had unbelievable sympathy and was ennobled in a reader rating in the youth newspaper "Junge Welt" as the last "GDR Sportsman of the year".

After Andreas Wecker left Germany in 2007 and has not visited again since then and has successfully overcome health problems, he has now not only found a new home in the US state of Oregon, but has also built up a new life: He successfully markets there with patent-protected products technology ("Andreas Seed Oils") the production of healthy natural products. Despite separating from his last partner Antje, with whom he had once left Germany for the USA to start a new life, a little peace and contentment now seem to make up Andreas Wecker's life.
In any case, this exceptional athlete has made a lasting contribution to German and international gymnastics history as a gifted and successful movement artist.
Even if he had temporarily questioned this in front of himself - this is probably what the successful businessman sees today:
After Fabian Hambuechen's high bar Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Andreas Wecker was the first to congratulate his successor on Olympic high bar gold via theGYMmedia portale!
In order to stabilize individual health, performance and personal zest for life, he is even supposed to go back to the Gym school of a former US national team member himself!
Good thing - we wish him the best!
(C) gymmedia / Eckhard Herholz

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