03. August 2021  
Tokyo, JPN  
Artistic Gymnastics


After Simone BILES surprisingly decided not to start in the women's all-around final, today the only 18-year-old Sunisa LEE (USA) continued the incredible gold series in the women's Olympic all-around competition and, since 2004, has been the 5th USA gymnast to win the 5th consecutive Olympic gold medal! With 57.433 points, she improved on the preliminary fight and defeated the Brazilian Rebeca ANDRADE (57.298), who won the first Olympic medal in this discipline for her country with silver.
Less than 0.1 points separated the best Russian gymnast Angelina MELNIKOVA (57.199), who won bronze for her country for the third time after Alija Mustafina twice (2012, 2016), just ahead of her compatriot Vladislava Urasova and in front of the best Japanese gymnas Mai Murakami.
From Sunday August 01 to Tuesday, Aug. 03 take place the apparatus finals ...:
* 1st FINAL DAY --: Historic golds from Artem Dolgopyat (ISR), Rebeca Andrade (BRA), and Nina Derwael (BEL), plus a successful title defense from Max Whitlock (GBR) crowned an evening of firsts as three nations joined the select club of Olympic titleholders in Artistic Gymnastics Sunday at Tokyo 2020 ...
* Tuesday, July 27-:
After the qualification rounds of the 12 best nations had determined their 8 finalists of Women's artistic Gymnastic Teams:
The first medal decision was made for women on the 4th day (Tuesday, July 27th) of the Olympic gymnastics competitions: as the successor to the big ones up to 1988 Soviet successes in Seoul as well as the last gold medal of the Common Union States (CIS) in Barcelona in 1992, Russia had since remained without Olympic team gold:
But now the Russian ROC women's squad in Tokyo won the first Olympic Team Gold in front of the surprisingly unspectacular appearing favored USA team, which was eliminated after the first round had to accept from Simone Biles. In the presumptuous battle for bronze between Italy and Japan, Great Britain made its way onto the bronze square after the last round with an appearance on the uneven bars. The Chinese could not intervene in the medal fight (7th). The German team (9th) had missed the team final in the preliminary fight ...

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  V A U L T   > Qualification;  > Startl list;

ANDRADE, Rebeca      (BRA)  15,083
 SKINNER, Mykayla  (USA)  -  14,916
YEO, Seojeong       (KOR)  - 14,733
 4. MORENO, Alexa          (MEX)  - 14,716
 5. MELNIKOVA, Angelina (ROC) - 14,683
 6. AKHAIMOVA, Lilia       (ROC)  - 14,666
 7. OLSEN, Shallon           (CAN)  - 14,550
 8. CAREY, Jade               (USA)  -  12,416

       Detailed Results

* ANDRADE - Brasil's first Olympic Champion in gymnastics!
* SKINNER - the Worlds Bronze medalist from 2014 won Olympic silver!
* YEO - she was  Asian Champion on vault  2018 in Jakarta.
* Oksana CHUSOVITINA: - missed the event final at her 8th Olympic Games since 1992!!


  U N E V E N  B A R S     > Qualification;  >  Start list;

DERWAEL, Nina             (BEL)  - 15,200
ILIANKOVA, Anastasia   (ROC)  - 14,833
 LEE, Sunisa                   (USA)  - 14,500
     4.  LU, Yufei                    (CHN)  - 14,400=
     5. SEITZ, Elisabeth        (GER)  -  14,400=
     6. deJESUSdosSANTOS, M. (FRA) -14,033
     7. FAN, Yilin                     (CHN)  - 13,900
     8. MELNIKOVA, Angelin  (ROC)  - 13,066

Detailed Results
* DERWAEL - after 2 World titels now Olympic Champion with the most difficult (6.7) and best exercise!!

* ILIANKOVA - after 2x Mustafina and 2x Khorkina now a silver medal more by the Russian individual gymnast;
* LEE - after team silver now the AA-Gold medallist completed with bronze her complete medal set!!


  B A L A N C E   B E A M   > Qualification

 GUAN, Chenchen  (CHN)  - 14,633 
TANG, Xiajing  (CHN)  - 14,233
BILES, Simone  (USA)  - 14,000
     4. BLACK, Elsabeth  (CAN)  - 13,866
     5. LEE, Sunisa  (USA)  - 13,866
     6. ASHIKAWA, Urara  (JPN)  - 13,733
     7. SARAIVA, Flavia  (BRA)  - 13,133
     8. URAZOVA, Vladislava  (ROC)  - 12,733
             Detailed Results
* GUAN, Chenchen - it was beam gymnastics, like from another planet! In terms of content, 6.6 the most difficult thing there is currently on the 10 cm apparatus, presented with a technical brilliance and an apparent lightness, like "Fiffi the feather", the acro at dreamy heights with open body angles - there were only a few little things, even fewer judges on ...! Sovereign gold medals - finally for the Chinese women who have not yet been able to convince.
* TANG, Xijing - confirmed this statement, also convinced with unbelievable heights of all her acro parts, also a dream exercise
albeit with less difficulty (6.0) than her gold colleague from China!
* BILES, Simone - even if the beam is not her best apparatus, with her low body height and much weaker amplitudes she looks less elegant than the Chinese, but otherwise plays out all her sides of the dominant personality. She is rightly rewarded with bronze - also because she was able to reactivate herself in such a way after her self-determined mental break: characteristics of an extraordinary world-class artist, just !! With 33 Olympic + World medals she now leads the historical track record for women alone in front of Larissa Latynina (former USR)!