13. September 2019
Artistic Gymnastics

Bruno GRANDI, the longtime President of the International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.) from 1997 until 2016, passed away. The FIG said Grandi, the federation’s leader from 1997-2016, died Friday in Italy after an unspecified illness. Grandi was “a warm man with a strong sense of justice,” the federation said, praising his reforms to help gymnastics “gain credibility, popularity and universality.” Disputes in gymnastics at the 2004 Athens Olympics led to a review...

12. September 2019
Stuttgart, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

Currently only limited training is available for German Vice-Champion Marcel NGUYEN (TSV Unterhaching). "In the shoulder, a tendon touched," said the 32-year-old athlet at a press conference today in Stuttgart. So there is always the risk of tearing, even in case of overload, so that only a "well-dosed training" in constant contact with the doctors can be realized. The 9-times World Championships participant, who would like to experience his tenth Wrlds and another Olympics, and the successful Olympic qualification match...

9. September 2019
Kienbaum, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

After a final check in the WCh Training camp of the German men's national team, chief coach Andreas HIRSCH has nominated the quintet at the 49th Gymnastics World Championships 2019 in Stuttgart from October 04 - 13
These are Andreas TOBA (TK Hannover), Marcel NGUYEN (TSV Unterhaching) and newcomer Karim RIDA (SC Berlin), the 3 medalists of the this year's 86th German Championships in Berlin. The team captain is Lukas DAUSER (TSV Unterhaching), who will be back...

7. September 2019
Worms, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

With more than +2.5 points lead the German women's national in the city of Worms (GER) won the friendly triple-meet against Belgium and France.
With a team score of 163,800 : 161,250 : 161,150 the German team delivered a closed team performance, in which especially Elisabeth SEITZ (54,600) was the best in all-around in front of the Frenchwoman Aline FRIESS (54,450) as well as Sophie SCHEDER (GER) as third (53,850) and the fourth Emelie...

27. August 2019
Pensa, RUS
Artistic Gymnastics

The 2019 Russian Cup will take place from Friday 23rd of August till Tuesday 27th of August in Penza.
Most top national team gymnasts are expected to compete as it will be one of the stages of the Worlds team selection. Notably absent are Aliya Mustafina who said she is not quite ready to compete at the moment and Tatiana Nabieva who opted to compete at the Aurora Games in the US instead. Artur Dalaloyan is expected to compete...