3. December 2019
Swakopmund, NAM
Artistic Gymnastics

The somersault of the German All-around and highbar champion of the GDR of 1975, Bernd JAEGER (68) which he created in 1974 at the World Championships in Varna (BUL), also 45 years this flying element is worldwide wellknown as the "Jaeger Sault". With this  "flying element" on the king of the apparatus, the horizontal bar, started the international age of the flight elements on the horizontal bar!
After his active career as a competitive...

24. November 2019
Cottbus, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG Indiv. Apparatus WC Circuit 2018-20

With 4 victories for China and 3 gold medals for Japan, the "44th Tournament of Masters" in Cottbus (GER) turned into a kind of "Asian Games". The remaining three gold medals went to Ukraine. Cottbus was the 11th and last World Challenge Cup of 2019.
Already on the last weekend of February 2019, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) continued its individual equipment World Cup Circuit (Challenge Cups 2018/2020) and started the...

12. November 2019
New Haven, USA
Artistic Gymnastics

Melanie COLEMAN, a 20-year-old gymnast at Southern Connecticut State University (USA), died on Sunday, November 10, after suffering a serious spinal cord injury during training. On Friday, the Milford, Connecticut, native was training at New Era Gymnastics when she slipped off the uneven bars, according US media. After sustaining the injury, Coleman was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she died two days later. According to the Daily Mail, it was damage to the spinal cord that led to the...

3. November 2019
Zurich, SUI
Artistic Gymnastics

Jade CAREY & Allan BOWER (USA) won today in front of approx. 6,000 spectators in the Indoor Stadium of Zurich the International pair competition "Swiss Cup" 2019 and referred in the final of the pre-paired duo from Ukraine, with Diana Varinska & Oleg Verniaiev, on 2nd place.
Team Switzerland I with Giulia Steingruber & Oliver Hegi won the bronze medal, and defeated the German duo with Elisabeth Seitz & Andreas Toba in the small final, in particular by...

28. October 2019
Ljubljana, SLO
Artistic Gymnastics

MIROSLAV CERAR was recognized the world over for his mastery of the pommel horse.
Born in 1939, October 28 in Ljubljana, the capital of present-day Slovenia, Miroslav Cerar was destined to discover gymnastics and dominate Yugoslavian men's gymnastics for an astonishing 14 years. Miroslav Cerar competed in three Olympiads - in 1960, 1964 and 1968. Known as the king of the pommel horse event for more than a decade, four of his six world championship medals, and both...