16. January 2018
Lausanne, SUI
Artistic Gymnastics

U E G --: Aiming to put also the European gymnasts in the spotlight where they belong, the Union of European Gymnastics (UEG) organised its first ever ‘European Gymnast of the Year’ elections. All 50 member Federations and the eight UEG Technical Committees were invited to nominate their favourites. A selection was made and put online open for everyone to vote over a period of 10...

5. January 2018
Lausanne, SUI
Artistic Gymnastics

The Japanese Morinari WATANABE (58), President of the International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.), who has been elected in Tokyo since October 2016, announced to the turn of the New Year far-reaching changes in an open letter for the next few years, and means " ...more "INNOVATION" in the sense of decisive innovations and changes in organizational processes and competition formats, new marketing, new rules, newer education and ethics", and he spoke from "new innovative gymnastics and gymnastics communities, worldwide...".

3. January 2018
Aarhus, DEN
Artistic Gymnastics

The GYMmedia JOB EXCHANGE (Job Boerse) as most efficient form of Job search in the field of Gymnastics disciplines, has an European and worldwide impact, because you can access the global entire GYM-Community! 
  Currently: The Danish top club VIK Gymnastics in Aarhus is seeking for a qualified coach for women's artistic gymnastics...

2. January 2018
Berlin, GER / EUROPE
Artistic Gymnastics

The team and partners of the European Gymnastics Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL
wishes all of its business partners, clients and customers,  without those engagement the development of such a gym news system were impossible - and also all users and friends of gymnastics from nearly 140 countries day by day

.* The  Team of G...

17. December 2017
Hanover, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

That's  a big thing, when you come home from your first international competition tour with a team cup:
The young talents from Kazakhstan proudly present him at the IV International ZAG Junior Cup 2017 on the pre-Christmas weekend in Vinhorst, Lower Saxony, near Hanover.
Although the lead of the physically rather petite quartet to the second placed TZ Bochum-Witten 2 (from Germany) with +0.50 points was only minimal, one sensed the targeted team selection...